Tom Maxson, LMBT

NC 17313, FL MA39498, Certified Reflexologist, Posture and Pain Specialist



"My experience as a patient of Tom Maxson is one of great satisfaction...he was always very professional but yet cordial during my therapy time with him...he seemed to know without my telling him where the pain was and he was always able to give me relief...I didn't go for therapy for a feel good relaxtion session...I was there for pain relief and he was a master at it...I always said to him..."I need for you to put your healing hands to work today"!!! I was dissapointed when he left...their are very few therapists in the world quite like Tom...I am sure he will make a master healer out of everyone he teaches ... I wish him the best in life and hope to see him again one day"

-Rev. Dr. Larry Johnson Ph.D., Th.D.




"One hour of massage therapy with Tom Maxson will have you coming back for more! Both, physically and spiritually, Tom heals! He's attentive, talented and very knowledgable about all things massage. Make an appointment today for a massage that will leave you ever changed, unless I get there first!"

-Alison Chriss- Receptionist, Sales Rep, Bloggist




"Tom is the best if you want a deep knowledgable massage"

-Mary C.



"Tom Maxson is truly one of the best massage therapists I have ever experienced! I was not only completely relaxed but also re-energized because I felt so good!

The motion and direction of the pressure from Tom’s hands gently, but firmly made the pain, stress, & tension leave my muscles & body. His technique is methodical & consistent with just the right amount of attention to the different muscle groups. I was really impressed how he incorporated stretching some of my muscles in combination with the massage. He knows his physiology!

I highly recommend Tom Maxson & am looking forward to my next visit!"

Bobbie Lemieux-Vance
On-Air Radio Personality, WGRV “The Groove” Radio Station





"Mr. Maxson has been my massage therapist since December 2010, and ever since then, I won't see any one else. Hands down, he is the epitome of professionalism and the absolute best at what he does. I'm a runner, dancer and a sign language interpreter so I'm hard on my body. Tom has helped me work through multiple injuries, horribly tight shoulder knots, and stress migraines. He's helped me increase my overall flexibility and allows me to completely relax in comfortable silence. He has the gift of zeroing in on the problem area and brilliantly, if not magically, making it go away. He has taught me a new level of awareness within my body that everything is connected. I didn't have that before he started working on me many years ago. I look forward to every session with him because afterwards I feel so gratefully healed. He's a blessing to me, and I'm sure his other clients would agree."


-Jessica Holt, LegalShield, Group & Small Business Specialist / Nationally Certified Sign Language Interpreter




"From the moment I walked in Tom was attentive and respectful. He quickly covered all the necessary intake evaluation questions revealing his familiarity with my chart. I immediately felt comfortable that he was well informed and an absolute professional. The following 90 minute massage addressed the fascial structures predominately, with great focus and clarity. His unique style of stretching and manipulations left me feeling greater mobility without soreness. The relief I feel now is absent the discomfort that can all too frequently accompany a deep tissue style massage, resulting in an increased level of relief. As a massage therapist myself of about ten years, I am happy to report I have never had a massage quite like it and will be visiting him again. I look forward to incorporating some of his educational experience into my continuing education credits and then further to my practice. Thank you Tom!"


-Justin Cornell, LMT




"Tom is a fantastic massage therapist. My wife and I have received several massages from him. He is very knowledgeable about massage in general and knows how to tailor his service to your needs. He has helped a great deal with issues I have with my neck, and he has helped to relieve tension in my wife's back and improve her overall flexibility, which she needs as a professional ballerina. I highly recommend Tom to anyone who needs or wants a massage."


-Matthew and Claudia Houston




"Tom is an expert at massage therapy and is always very personable. He individualizes my personal massages to fit my needs as a hard-working student as well as a dancer and musician. He is very appropriate and makes sure that the involved muscles were properly worked out before moving on to the next ones. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone in need of a massage for any reason."


-Carrie Zilbauer, Physical Therapy Student at Belmont University




"The massage that I received in recognition of Teacher Appreciation week was extremely relaxing, and a very welcome break from the day. I would recommend this service to any company or person thinking of bringing him in."


-Jared Nissen, Middle School Teacher, Bridgepoint Preparatory of Tampa




"During Teacher Appreciation week I received a massage. It was towards the end of my day, so I found it a nice way to end my day at school. The massage was very enjoyable. I only wished that it lasted longer!"


-Ms. Ashkenaz, Teacher, Bridgepoint Preparatory of Tampa




"I would like to recommend Tom a massage therapist. ...He treated my coworkers and I to a fifteen minute massage on our lunch break for Teacher Appreciation Week. Tom did an excellent job. He was attentive to the areas in my shoulders and back that had the most tension and stress. He was also accommodating and pleasant. I really liked that he was not rough but gentle and effective. He introduced himself and carried on a light but professional conversation that really put me at ease.

At the end of my fifteen minute massage he was both courteous and polite. He helped me off the bed and made sure I was aware of my senses before moving on to the next teacher..."


-Shenell Cooper, Teacher, Bridgepoint Preparatory of Tampa

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